Thursday, August 20, 2015

Why, of course!

Here's an ad from the 1920's (I think) when Blair was known as the New Process Company. It's a simple return postcard with an interesting sales pitch. The front is pre-addressed to John L. Blair, with "Why, of course!"

On the back with the drawing of a dapper gentleman and the headline, "All right -- send it along!" is the following copy:

Mr. Blair:

Your confidence in that "Any Weather" Topcoat is refreshing. I like to do business with a man who believes in his product.

You may send me an "Any Weather" Coat in my exact size, postpaid, on your fair and square offer of a week's examination and trial -- FREE.

I agree to examine it promptly, try it out -- WEAR it -- and either return it to you within a week or send you check for the special price of $14.85.

At the bottom framed in the red box, it reads:

If you remit in full now, we'll include a smart, stylish Cap of the same fabric as your Coat -- free of charge. Simply enclose this signed card in an envelope, with your check.

No man who wants to look his best could have EVER turned down THAT offer!

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