Friday, August 14, 2015

Just imagine it... ME in a sweater vest!

 I don't know that I had ever worn a sweater vest before.  Maybe when I was 4 years old, but that's it.  I have no recent recollection of wearing a sweater vest... or even wanting to put one on. 

I don't like sweaters in general, and I typically don't get chilled.  Let's face it -- an additional bulky layer isn't exactly what I need to look my best, especially in August!

On a warm Sunday evening in New York City, I attended the ShareASale "Under the Stars" party while attending Affiliate Summit East.  I found several people to chat with, and while we were in a conversation, I noticed a pile of stuff on a table all sporting the ShareASale logo.  I touched one of the sweater vests so see what it was.

"Put one on!", said Kim Rowley of Key Internet Marketing.  Not wanting to say no, I simply told Kim that I was sure they didn't have my size.  We checked, and sure enough, there was an XL on top. I put it on, and do you know what?!?  It was pretty comfortable!  There were no cuffs to roll up because the sleeves were too long, and being a V-neck instead of crew neck didn't make me feel like I was being strangled.  Soon after I put on my sweater vest, others began doing the same.

"You need to wear that to Brian's keynote address tomorrow," said Kim.  "We're all going to wear them in honor of Brian."  You see... Brian Littleton, the fearless leader of ShareASale, was presenting the keynote address the following morning at the Affiliate Summit, and he is famous for his sweater vests.  I agreed, and wore the sweater vest the rest of the evening.  There were so many other folks wearing them at the party, I felt like I was part of a club!

When I got back to the hotel, I chatted with my wife on the phone.  I told her that I had been given, and was wearing a "sleeveless sweater".  She informed me that it was called a sweater vest.  I told her I was comfortable in it, and that I was required to wear it again the following morning.

When I arrived at the conference, there was a large group of people at the entry to where Brian's presentation was about to begin, and they were all wearing sweater vests.  But this wasn't just any group of people.  It was a group of people who could be considered legends in the industry.  Many were friends, but I again felt uncomfortable about wearing a sweater vest.  I didn't feel I really belonged in this group. As I slowly approached the group, I was told to hurry up and put my sweater vest on.  I did, and proudly entered the room with the rest of the group.

Brian Littleton's keynote address was one of the best of I've ever had the pleasure of hearing! (You can watch a video of Brian's keynote address here.)  It was the perfect blend of information, comedy and friendliness Brian is well-known for.

Once the keynote address was over, I took my sweater vest off because it was getting pretty warm in the crowded room.  But as quickly as my sweater vest was off, it was back on again because I was informed that we were going to take a picture of everyone in their sweater vests with the reason for them -- Brian Littleton.  I put it back on, and climbed up on the stage for several photos.  I was a part of a group that included affiliate marketing pros like Angel Djambazov, Pat Grady, Todd Farmer, Missy Ward, Melissa Salas, Mike Allen, and  Kim Rowley just to name a few!*&sc=N&x2=c.t2&x1=c.t1
Here's a great looking Scandia Woods Windowpane Sweater Vest from Blair.  I can't guarantee that it will make you feel as good or as comfortable as mine did for me, but I am proud to now have my sweater vest in my closet!

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