Monday, June 01, 2015

Why I Love Affiiate Marketing, Part II

A few months back, I posted why I love affiliate marketing.  It was a challenge from a close industry friend, Kim Rowley, and really got me reflecting on what affiliate marketing meant to me.

Well... I'm going to add a quick addition to that post.  I said I enjoyed all the friendships I made over the years, and this is where I'm going to offer a bit of proof.

A few weeks ago, marketing legend Jim Kukral said he and some friends were going fishing on Lake Ontario, and were looking for a 4th.  I jumped at the opportunity!  After some date changes, only Jim and his brother, Ken, were able to make the trip, so I was given the opportunity to bring along my son, Jake.

Last Friday, Jake and I headed to Kent, NY to hop on Buc-A-Roo Sportfishing's boat with Jim and Ken.  Jake and I arrived early and got to watch the boat being prepped.  Jim and Ken pulled into the parking lot a short time later.  Our drive was a bit under 3 hours, and theirs was closer to 4 hours.  After some handshakes, hugs and introductions, we were on the boat and heading out on Lake Ontario.

This was something both Jake and I had wanted to do for a long time, and it was affiliate marketing, and my friendship with Jim, that had afforded me the opportunity.

Some takeaways from the trip:
  • The Sea-Band things didn't work for me nearly as well as I had hoped.
  • I wasn't nearly the conversationalist I had hoped to be due to the prior takeaway.
  • Jake and I took a 6 pack of Labatt with us, and returned with 4.  2 for Jake, 0 for me, due to the first takeaway.
  • The wind gets extremely cold on Lake Ontario.
  • I'm not sure if ALL the superstitions were correct, but it DID seem we caught fish after the first beer was popped, the first cigarette was smoked, the Crown Apple was cracked, whenever the boat was in a turned, when a bit of popcorn was tossed in the water, etc.
  • Capt. Chas and his First Mate, Aaron, were a class act, and I would highly recommend Buc-A-Roo Sportfishing to anyone looking to catch fish on Lake Ontario.
  • It was great having an opportunity to share this adventure with my son.
  • While I'm not a big fan of salmon, fresh salmon in a soy/ginger marinade is quite tasty.
  • Though my new friendship with Ken Kukral isn't exactly due to affiliate marketing, I met Ken through Jim, so I think it counts.
Thanks again Jim and Ken! Jake and I truly appreciated the opportunity and look forward to doing it again.


Jim Kukral said...

Yes, what a great trip! I figured you were a bit sea sick. You were pretty quiet. I had dramamine in my bag I would have given you some if I knew! Can't wait to do it again.

kim said...

This is so awesome! I'm glad to call both you and Jim great friends that I met through affiliate marketing!