Thursday, June 17, 2010

I went fishing again

And I'm sure most of you never even realized I was gone from June 4-10.

In any case, we once again made the 12 hour drive due north to Cochrane, Ontario. Once we checked in at the Thrift Lodge and took a few minutes to alert family and friends that we'd made it safely, we headed off to dinner and to Thib's Tavern to visit with our friends Jasmine, Ronda and Vic (along with a few new friends!).

Bright and early Saturday morning, Mark Jones, Andre and the rest of the guys at Cochrane Air got us licensed, our gear loaded and a Cesna and a Beaver in the air. By 9:30am, we had touched down at Floodwood lake for a week of fishing.

The fishing was better than last year at Twopeak Lake, and the fish were larger, too! Both Mike and Eric hauled in 28" walleyes, with Mark and I close behind. Once the week was over, we had caught over 1100 fish, and more than 2 dozen of the walleyes were over 2 feet!

A good time was had by all!

For all of you about to send me an email or give me a call... yes, I know I don't know how to hold a fish for a picture. I was just hoping that Eric would get the picture taken before the fish flopped out of my hands (again).

BTW -- does anyone recognize the hat I'm wearing in the picture? Yep! That's the same Dorfman Pacific Safari Hat that I wore to Lake Nettogami two years ago and blogged about here. I bought it from specifically for these fishing trips, and it's held up quite nicely!

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