Thursday, March 04, 2010

Get Free Shipping for a Year at

We’ve put together this very special offer to help shoppers save even more when they shop Blair online.

Here's the offer:

Shoppers pay one low price ($19.99) today to save many times that on future orders.

Enjoy FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on every online order you place in the next 365 days. (That’s a savings of up to $17.99 every time you order!)

Plus, you still enjoy other non-shipping savings offers on top of your free shipping.

Here’s how to begin saving immediately! Just click "add to cart" below. If you’re already a registered shopper at, be sure you’re signed into your account when you check out. If not, you must create a shopping account during checkout. You’ll be charged your one-time fee with today’s order (but you’ll also enjoy free shipping immediately). Every time you come back to shop in the future, just sign into your account as you shop and enjoy free standard shipping automatically at
checkout! Just keep in mind that express, heavyweight and charges for delivery outside the continental US still apply.

So how does this offer apply to affiliates? Well, the Free Shipping offer is a cartable item, so if a shopper sent to Blair from your site chooses to take advantage of the offer, you earn a commission!

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