Monday, January 25, 2010

New Pets Category at Walker & Fetch (Get It?)

Over the years, many Blair shoppers have asked us to carry items for their pets. A few months back, our Home products people decided to test a few pet items online, and were surprised at how popular they were. So... we recently developed an entire catalog dedicated to pets (Walker & Fetch), and have a tab on dedicated to all our new pet products.

Shoppers can find everything for their pets at Walker and Fetch -- beds... collars and leashes... food and treats... training aids, and so much more! There are even categories dedicated to household decor, framed art and jewelry (for you, not your pet!). affiliates should be sure to add links to Walker & Fetch in any pet related categories on the their site(s). Walker & Fetch products pay the same commissions as all products, and all promotions apply to Walker & Fetch products, too!

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