Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"Hey... How ya doin?"

I just got back from Affiliate Summit East '09, and had to share a story with you. I arrived at the Hilton New York on the Avenue of the Americas at around 11am on Saturday. Of course, the room wasn't ready, so we did a little sight-seeing. Upon returning to the hotel at around 3:30pm, I checked in and was given my key to my room on the 14th Floor. As is with nearly all hotels, now, it wasn't actually a key, but an electronic data card.

I found my way to the 14th floor, followed the arrows to the correct room number, slowly inserted the card into the slot and removed it quickly. BINGO! I got the flashing green light which is almost like winning in Vegas. I gained access to my room on the very first try!

I opened the door, dragged my suitcase in, and was greeted by a man in his underwear laying on my bed! In those few seconds, I actually thought I had entered the wrong room, but then it occurred to me that I had actually used a key to get in.

Just then, Captain Underpants rolled over and looked at me. This is how the encounter went:

Captain Underpants: "Hey... how ya doin?"

Chris from "I'm ok. (Yes. There's a half-dressed stranger in my room, and I tell him I'm ok.) You're in my room".

Captain Underpants: "Yeah. I'm just waiting for my wife. We're actually staying on the 21st floor. I'll be out in like 10 minutes."

Chris from "OK."

At that point, we ran out the door and down the hall to the elevators. I got down to the lobby, and even though there was a line, a staff member could tell there was a problem, so he took me to an available person in registration who was only supposed to be helping elite Hilton members. I explained to her that there was a man in my room. She asked me to be more specific, so I explained to her that there was a man in his underpants sleeping on my bed in my room. She excused herself for a second, and then returned to tell me that she would give me a different room. I responded, "Well obviously, but don't you think you should do something more? Like maybe find out WHY Captain Underpants is in my room?"

Just then, I heard a laugh, looked to my left, and realized I was standing next to Haiko de Poel, Jr. from We both laughed, and I filled him in on the rest of the details on the way to the elevators. We pushed the up button, the doors opened, and who do you think appeared? Yep! It was Captain Underpants, but in his civilian attire. As we passed, he made some type of a complaint about the hotel and how there had been a big party in the room next door to his the previous night, and the hotel had given he and his wife a different room.

Shelley didn't recognize Captain Underpants in his disguise, so she responded with "Well that's nothing! We just found a guy in his underpants in our room!"

Evidently, the night staff switched the captain's room, and never told the day crew. It was a GREAT story to tell at the Shareasale party on Sunday night! The room was great, the staff was great... I don't want you thinking the hotel stunk. Completely the opposite. I just thought it was a fun story to tell.

I'll update you all on the actual Summit in the coming days.

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Ashley said...

Sounds like you started the Summit with a BANG!