Friday, February 20, 2009

A Couple Jokes for a Friday Afternoon

I don't know what the week has been like elsewhere, but it sure has seemed like an extra-long week here at That being said, I thought it might be fun to end the week with a couple of jokes. Let me know which joke Affiliates prefer!

Joke #1

The other day I was eating in an Italian restaurant when I accidentally spilled some spaghetti sauce on my favorite white sweater.

I wasn't too distressed, though, because Mr. Wong down on High Street has been doing my laundry for years, and I knew that he could remove just about any stain and get it out like it'd never been there.

So I took the sweater down to Wong's Laundry and dropped it off; Mr. Wong said he'd probably be able to have it cleaned by Thursday. So on Thursday afternoon after work I stopped by Wong's again.

Mr. Wong looked quite distressed when he saw me. He brought out the sweater and, apologizing profusely, explained that somehow this stain was beyond even his power to expunge.

And sure enough, though fainter than before, there was still a distinct red stain on the sweater. In an attempt to make up for his failure, Mr. Wong offered to send the sweater to his brother across town, who had been in the laundry business for an even longer time, and who might have a clue as to the method of removal of this extraordinarily persistent stain.

The elder Wong brother would rush it through at no extra charge, and should have it looking as white and clean as new by Friday. So on Friday I went back to Wong's to pick up my sweater, but when I arrived, Mr. Wong regretfully informed me that his brother, too, had failed to remove the red blotch. "No charge," said Wong, "but you must take sweater elsewhere to clean.

The Moral: ... Two Wongs cannot make a white."

Joke #2

Q: What do you instantly know about a well-dressed man?

A: His wife is good at picking out clothes.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

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Now that we have THAT out of the way...

Let me take a couple seconds to share a little something with everyone. Over the past weekend, the Case Western Reserve University Women's Swimming and Diving Team defeated Ohio Northern University 145-98. I know what you're thinkin'... "So why is he telling us about this?"

Well, it turns out that a friend of mine, Jessica Nuhfer, from here in Warren, PA placed first in the 50-yard Freestyle AND was a member of winning 200-yard Freestyle relay team. What makes this even MORE special is that Jessica is only a Freshman at CWRU.

Here's the article from the Case website:


CASE 145, ohio northern 98...

CLEVELAND, OH (January 31, 2009) - The Case Western Reserve University women’s swimming and diving team defeated Ohio Northern University 145-98 this afternoon at the Veale Natatorium. The Spartans are off until February 11 [Feb. 11-14] when they travel to the University of Chicago for the 2009 University Athletic Association championships.

Case Western Reserve won eight individual races and one relay on the day. They were led by sophomores Roxanne Leyshon (Cambridge, OH) and Kelsey Zeller (Cincinnati, OH). Zeller won the 200-yard freestyle (2:01.45) and the 500-yard freestyle (5:25.21) while Leyshon won the 100-yard freestyle (54.42) and the 100-yard breaststroke (1:09.36).

Other individual winners included freshman Jessica Nuhfer (Warren, PA-pictured) in the 50-yard freestyle (25.65), junior Chrissy Petzold (Traverse City, MI) in the 200-yard IM (2:18.99), freshman Stephanie Campbell (Highland Hts., OH) in the 100-yard butterfly (1:01.92), and sophomore Ellen Crummy (Butler, PA) in the 100-yard backstroke (1:02.82).

Leyshon, Nuhfer, Campbell and sophomore Marine Gu (Longwood, FL) then paired up to win the 200-yard freestyle relay (1:42.59).