Monday, June 16, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Though I'm quite certain that most of you didn't even know I was gone, I figured I'd share. From June 6th through June 13th, I travelled with 5 friends on a fishing excursion to Canada.

On Friday, 6/6, we left Warren, Pa and headed 625 miles north to Cochrane, Ontario. We were scheduled to fly out on Saturday morning, but high winds grounded the planes at Cochrane Air. Finally, on Sunday, we were able to board two Beavers and a Cesna, and fly another 100 miles north to Lake Nettogami. We stayed in a log cabin with no water or electric and a single wood stove.

The fishing was darned good! As a group, we caught 1265 fish, including just under 1000 walleye and nearly 300 northern pike. Yours truly added 196 fish to the total. (Yes, I know... I was below the average for a 6 man team, but I was fishing with some pretty experienced fishermen!)

The planes picking us up on Saturday morning, 6/14, were on time, and we were back home in Warren by 11pm.

Since this is the Blair Affiliates Blog, I should make note of something. I brought the Dorfman Pacific Safari Hat (available at along with me for the the trip. Though a strong gust of wind blew it off my head and into the water while unloading the plane 30 seconds after arrival, it dried out within a few hours and served me nicely for the remainder of the trip.

Though it was a bit chilly just south of James Bay, the scenery was beautiful! I figured I'd include one other photo as an example. Because we were so far north, the sun didn't set until late in the evening. This photo was taken while we were still fishing at 9:55pm.


Ashley said...

Wow Chris, what a beautiful sunset. Sounds like you had fun and got to test out some Blair merchandise at the same time!

egb said...

Hello Chris,

Very Nice Sunset...

Thanks for the beautiful picture.