Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Blair's Top 20 Retail Products

Here's a list of the Top 20 Retail products at Blair.com over the past 30 days. I'm hoping Blair.com Affiliates can utilize this information to help them pick the perfect products for their websites.

35719 Stretch Knit Tee
49292 Seersucker Capris
44551 Camp Shirt
50231 Tankini Separates
45117 Ponte Knit Stitched Crease Pants
49102 Knit Tank
12406 Scandia Woods® Full Elastic Sport Pants
50442 Collared Seersucker Shirt
51719 Fleece Jacket
50468 Calcutta Cloth Pants
44613 Super-Fresh Tunic Tee
44636 TropiCool® Pedal Pushers
53633 Tank Top & Vacation Shorts
53652 Screen Print Knit Top
31789 Silhouette Slimmer® Pants
42206 Calcutta Cloth Split Skirt
44635 TropiCool® Pants
49291 Seersucker Shorts
44523 Summer-Weight Jeans
53625 Knit Tank Lounger

It appears that Blair.com shoppers have picked their favorite summer fashions. There wasn't a lot of change from last month to this month. While many of the products in the list have either climbed or dropped a few spots, there are only 5 new products included.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see things are well in Warren Co.

From the land of Pretzels!