Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day (and other stuff) from

I'll be letting everyone in on a new promo tomorrow, that will run through March 15th. But... since it's Valentine's Day, I thought maybe we'd stray away from affiliate marketing for a bit and stick with the theme of the day.

I'm going to ask all partners to help out a fellow Blair employee. That's Molly McBride and her fiance, Jim, in the picture. Molly is a designer here at Blair. She and Jim were selected as contestants in the "Wedding Giveaway" contest sponsored by McFadden Toyota in Lakewood, NY. Here's a brief description of the "Luv Toyota Dream Wedding Giveaway":

-All Contestants have been chosen and posted on the Luv Toyota website at:

-Voting begins on February 14, 2007 to March 14, 2007. You must first register to vote (only once) at: Then you may vote 1 time per day per IP address at: . Fill out the short form and we will get 5 extra bonus votes with your vote!

-The couple with the most votes wins a total prize package valued in excess of $50,000!

So... you'll get notice of a new promotion tomorrow that will run through March 15th. It will be available at both Performics and CJ. While that promo is going on, I'm hoping everyone will vote for Molly and Jim. Every day!

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