Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A little fun from!

I know that affiliates tend to spend long hours in front of their monitors, with little food, sleep or companionship. I can't send you a pizza, tuck you in, or visit every affiliate on the planet, but I do have a little stress reliever for you. When you need to take a bit of a break, visit one of the two sites below for some photo fun.

I found these two sites thanks to one of my many favorite affiliates -- "Kim" from Well... she's not only from, but I don't have the time or typing skills to list all her sites and blogs! I hop you enjoy these two nifty sites!

1. McLovin ID Maker

If you've seen the movie Super Bad, you know what this is all about. If you haven't, well... I guess this link probably won't do much for you. I'm in no way telling people to rent this movie! I thought it was a COMPLETE waste of time, though I've heard people (well, mostly teenage males) claim it was hilarious.


Load a pic of yourself, press a button, and choose which magazine cover you want to grace. It really is THAT easy! You can choose from magazines such as Rolling Stone, Cosmo, TIME, National Geographic and 12 others.

Go ahead and take a bit of time to fool around with these two sites, and then get back to doing what you do best -- promoting!

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