Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tips on Creating and Saving Reports on CJ

At times, I've found the CJ interface to be a bit difficult, but that's probably due to the fact that I didn't take the time initially to figure everything out. Recently, Shawn Collins at AffiliateTip blogged about difficulty he had with the CJ interface, and how quickly he heard from CJ representatives. If you remember correctly, I had the same experience when blogged about a value-added services launch at CJ and got a response from Kristina Vallen within a few hours.

In any case, Shawn describes how he was shown some tips in using the CJ interface, and I thought they might come in handy for Blair.com affiliates through Commission Junction. Click here to view Shawn's blog, and let me know what you think!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Top 50 Natural Search Terms at Blair.com

Here's what shoppers are searching for at the search engines when they stop by Blair.com to do their shoppping. These terms don't include Blair brand terms.

totes boots
flannel nightgown
moccasin slippers
memory foam slippers
stirrup pants
italian shoes
mattress genie
mens flannel pajamas
stacy adams dress shirts
stacy adams suits
cubic zirconia rings
furniture throws
mens suits for less
french cuff shirts
banded bottom shirts
flannel lined jeans
diamond bracelet
embroidered sweatshirt
men's flannel nightshirt
bed in a bag clearance
stacy adams shirts
rain slicker
denim jacket
women's fleece sets
lined jeans
knit pants
jogging suits
silk boxers
corduroy pants
bend over pants
kangol hat
french cuff dress shirts
mens flannel nightshirt
mens dress shirts
pearl rings
sleeveless mock turtleneck
mens velour shirts
men's shark skin slacks
mens nightshirt
womens corduroy slacks
fleece tops
women's blazers
posture bra
fleece tunic
cardigan sweaters
ely cattleman
french cuff shirt
holiday sweater vest

I was surprised by a few of the terms that made the list. Take a look, and decide whether there's some information that might help you to promote Blair.com.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A little fun from Blair.com!

I know that affiliates tend to spend long hours in front of their monitors, with little food, sleep or companionship. I can't send you a pizza, tuck you in, or visit every Blair.com affiliate on the planet, but I do have a little stress reliever for you. When you need to take a bit of a break, visit one of the two sites below for some photo fun.

I found these two sites thanks to one of my many favorite Blair.com affiliates -- "Kim" from ShoppingBookmarks.com. Well... she's not only from ShoppingBookmarks.com, but I don't have the time or typing skills to list all her sites and blogs! I hop you enjoy these two nifty sites!

1. McLovin ID Maker

If you've seen the movie Super Bad, you know what this is all about. If you haven't, well... I guess this link probably won't do much for you. I'm in no way telling people to rent this movie! I thought it was a COMPLETE waste of time, though I've heard people (well, mostly teenage males) claim it was hilarious.

2. MagMyPic.com

Load a pic of yourself, press a button, and choose which magazine cover you want to grace. It really is THAT easy! You can choose from magazines such as Rolling Stone, Cosmo, TIME, National Geographic and 12 others.

Go ahead and take a bit of time to fool around with these two sites, and then get back to doing what you do best -- promoting Blair.com!

Friday, January 18, 2008

20 Customer Favorites at Blair.com

As promised yesterday, here are the top 20 Blair.com products over the past 30 days. As always, this list contains only retail products. Clearance products are not included.

51719 Fleece Jacket
31789 Silhouette Slimmer® Pants
12406 Scandia Woods® Full Elastic Sport Pants
12949 Stirrup Pants
47924 Embroidered Crest Turtleneck
45117 Ponte Knit Stitched Crease Pants
42259 Cotton Corduroy Pants
32747 Solid Knit Fleece Jacket
35379 Embroidered Sweatshirt & Pants
39493 DURAFleece™ Jacket & Pants
39668 John Blair® Velour Shirt
19920 Original BendOver® Pants
49627 Scandia Woods® Turtleneck & Mock
49290 No-Iron Poplin Pants
40990 Knit Pants
13268 Ric Rac Top & TropiCool® Capris
47320 Crested Knit Tops
16305 Knit Ponte Pants
48878 Irvine Park® Broadcloth Shirts
48915 Stretch Leggings

A few observations...

Lots and lots of pants! And... there are several menswear items on the list, too. The other thing that I noticed is that many of these items have a value proposition attached to them -- typically a discount with multiple purchases. You should be able to find these items in the Blair.com product databases at both Performics and CJ.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hap-Hap-Happy New Year!

I know. I know. It's January 17th. Where have I been?

Unfortunately, I don't have a good excuse for not posting to the Blair Affiliates Blog. I wasn't locked up in a Mexican prison or skiing in Bern, Switzerland. I was just relaxing over the holidays, and keeping up with turning down all those bikini-clad babes who want to be my friend on MySpace. Hey! There's another one popping up right now. The email says "Pinkcandybabe would like to be added" as one of my friends. Hmmmm... Pinkcandybabe, huh? I guess she COULD be into affiliate marketing. I'd better check. BRB.

Nope. Pinkcandybabe's real name is Paris, and she's sweet and lonely. Her interests include candles, bubble baths, body lotions and things that smell good. No mention of affiliate marketing. Pinkcandybabe's been denied, and marked as spam.

My boys and I went and saw I Am Legend over the holidays. All I can say is, "I am... not impressed!" I like Will Smith, but there just wasn't too much to the movie. And there were WAY too many special effects. The zombies had no substance whatsoever. They were more like cartoon characters. I'll take The Omega Man starring Charlton Heston any day over I Am Legend. It's been a loooong time since I've seen it, but I remember the zombies in The Omega Man had personalities. Heck! The even had a leader!

Unfortunately, I won't be attending the Affiliate Summit West in February this year. We'll have to wait and see on AS East.

OK. That's enough of my "I Am Back!" post. Tomorrow we'll jump back into affiliate marketing and I'll post all the current top Blair products for all you loyal Blair.com Affiliates!