Thursday, September 20, 2007

Decide the Fate of Bonds' #756 Home Run Ball

I love this bit of marketing! Marc Ecko bought Barry Bonds' home run ball #756 for $752,467.00. That's a lot of cash.

OK. I'll admit. I'm over 40 and I live in Warren, PA. Prior to his purchase, I had never heard of Marc Ecko. Evidently, nearly 15 years ago while he was a student at Rutgers University, Marc Ecko started a men's urban apparel line. Not the kind of stuff I have hanging in my closet! He now has 12 different apparel and accessory lines, and has even launched a new video game and entertainment division.

Like I said... I had never heard of Marc Ecko before. And I probably wouldn't have given him a second thought when I read his name in the news after purchasing the ball. What got me interested in finding out more about Marc Ecko is what he's doing with the ball now that he owns it. He's set up a website where voters can decide what to do with the ball. They're given 3 options:
  1. Bestow It. Give the ball to Cooperstown.
  2. Brand It. Burn an asterisk into the ball with a branding iron. Then, send it to Cooperstown.
  3. Banish It. Put the ball on a rocket ship and launch it into orbit.
Currently, most of Marc Ecko's websites are redirecting to the voting page, and he's already received over 3 million votes!

Barry Bonds has called Ecko "stupid" and "an idiot" for what he's doing. He may be right. But I think Marc Ecko has just spent a quarter of a million dollars on an advertising campaign that has already put his name and clothing lines in front of millions of people. For many of those millions, myself included, they've discovered Marc Ecko and his clothing lines for the first time. I'm going to disagree with Barry Bonds' evaluation, and call Marc Ecko "brilliant".

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