Monday, August 20, 2007

Performics Client Summit '07

As promised, here are some thoughts regarding the Performics Client Summit held last week at the Ritz Carlton in Chicago. I arrived at the hotel at approximately 11:30am on Monday. What a beautiful place to hold the Summit. (Though having the lobby on the 12th floor was kind of weird!) My room was on the 29th floor facing the lake, and right across the street from Hancock Building -- a spectacular view from a spectacular room!

I hurried and got into my Summit attire and headed down to the Summit, just in time for lunch! After lunch, I sat in on Gerald Haman's networking exercise. That's about all I've got to say about that. If a person attending the Performics Client Summit, and in the affiliate marketing industry, needs to be taught how to network, they'd better start looking for a new line of work!

Then came the highlight of the event! (Please read sarcasm into the previous statement.) Following the networking exercise was a panel led by Performics' Chris Henger entitled Ingenious Affiliate Marketers. Believe it or not, I was one of the 4 panelists, which also included Peter Figuerado of NETexponent, Miles Williams of Barnes and Noble, and Ken Polson of Encyclopedia Britannica. It should be noted that the Summit was entitled "Age of Ingenuity", so many of the presentation titles included "Ingenious". Lisa Fortini-Campbell did a nice job on her presentation titled "Understanding the End User", and that was followed by a "Search by Affiliate" panel.

The party that night was held at the Shedd Aquarium. I was asked by many Performics-ers (or is it Performics-ees) whether I liked the aquarium or the Cubs games of previous Summits better. It was tough to compare -- each is so different. I enjoyed checking out the exhibits, and had lots of wonderful food that you don't usually find in Warren, PA. I got to to eat mashed potatoes of different colors, with toppings, from a martini glass, and two lovely ladies talked me into trying a piece of chocolate with bits of bacon in it! It reminded me a lot of chocolate covered pretzels, due to the sweet and salty taste.

The highlight of Day 2 of the Summit was a keynote presentation by Dr. Steven Levitt, the author of FREAKONOMICS. He was both interesting and entertaining! I would probably label him the best I've seen/heard, if it wasn't for Sir Ken Robinson at last year's Summit. I also enjoyed the NSO live presentation.

Of course, the best part of the Summit was the networking. I got to talk with a lot of affiliates during the Affiliate Caucus, in the lobby, and at the aquarium.

Oh! I almost forgot! Cubs game.

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