Thursday, July 05, 2007

A Shocking Marketing Tactic With Some "Train Wreck" Viral Marketing Thrown In!

One of my friends on MySpace alerted me to this eBay auction. What's being auctioned off? The high bidder gets the opportunity to shoot Ray Sabbatini, a Multiple Sclerosis sufferer, with a taser gun. Yes -- a TASER GUN! Plus, you'll get to star in the video that captures the event, and be able to promote yourself or your company in any way you like. I don't think I'd be able to convince my bosses at to allow me to pull the trigger.

Here's what Ray has to say about the auction:

O.K., here it is! Up for auction is the opportunity to help a Great Cause. I am a Multiple Sclerosis sufferer and we are filming a Video Introduction for our New website, (under construction now) :)

I am the founder of "Multiple Sclerosis Extreme", a MS organization dedicated to Raising MS Awareness, Empowering other MS Sufferers and helping to find a Cure! Multiple Sclerosis Extreme is willing to do whatever it takes to put MS into the "Spotlight"!

Here's the Concept:

The Video will consist of me welcoming people to the site, explaining what MS Extreme is all about, and then being shot with a Taser Gun. The idea is to show that I am willing to go to Extreme lengths to find a Cure for this debilitating disease!

The winner of this auction, besides pulling the trigger, will be part of our New Revolutionary concept to Raise MS Awareness.

I'll be the first to commend Ray for thinking "out of the box", and for attempting to raise money to find a cure. But... I think it will be interesting to see how many bids he gets. Unfortunately, there is no minimum bid, so there's the possibility that Ray could get tasered for a ridiculously low price. I guess if his main goal is to get eyeballs to the new msextreme website, posting the video on YouTube will probably accomplish that goal.

If Ray is hoping to get thousands of dollars in bids for the opportunity to taser him, I think he might be disappointed unless has a good bit of their marketing budget earmarked for "abusing the handicapped." I've never been a big fan of Jackass, but I know those fans are out there. For some reason, I just don't feel this is right, both morally and marketing-wise.

Oh! I almost forgot. The winning bidder is required to provide his own taser!

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