Thursday, July 26, 2007

Part 2: Value Added to CJ Value Add

I got a call late in the day yesterday from Kristina Vallen at CJ. I should mention up front that this doesn't surprise me. Kristina has always been very good at making sure my questions/concerns are answered, and is a bright spot in the ranks of Commission Junction.

Kristina wanted to clarify some misinformation regarding my post yesterday concerning CJ's "New Value Added Service Launch". I wrote yesterday that The Keys to the CJ Marketplace Training Program was separated into 5 seminars, each costing $150.00. Kristina called to tell me that every CJ Advertiser and future Advertiser is entitled to one FREE seat (a $750 value) for the program. NOW THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT!

But how could I have missed that? How could I have led the Affiliate Marketing industry astray? Well... it appears as though the last paragraph from the announcement on the CJ Merchant homepage is gone, and has been replaced by this:

Each Commission Junction advertiser is being provided one complimentary seat for all five seminars. Please see your Account Manager or submit a request through Ask A Question for instructions on how to register for this exciting new service at no cost. Click here to learn more about the Keys to the CJ Marketplace training program and unlock the power of Commission Junction’s network!

I know I didn't miss this information yesterday, because I copied and pasted the announcement straight from my CJ page. Whether or not this was a simple omission or a change on CJ's part doesn't matter. CJ has stepped up to the plate and is offering their Advertisers what looks to be a huge benefit!

I'm off to check my calendar for some open spots and will look to take advantage of this great offer from Commission Junction!

Thanks for setting me straight, Kristina!

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