Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New "Value-Added" Service Launch by CJ (Note the Quotes!)

Here's the release I found on my Account Manager homepage:

New Value-Added Service Launch!

We are excited to announce a new value-added service for CJ Access™ and CJ Vantage™ advertisers:
The Keys to the CJ Marketplace Training Program.

The training program consists of five interactive Web-conference seminars that center on the CJ Account Manager™. Having an intimate knowledge of the unique features available in our user interface helps you become a more engaged participant in the day-to-day management as well as the long-term evolution and success of your programs.

Commission Junction is dedicated to helping our advertisers succeed. Drawing on our extensive experience and our internal publisher development team, we have developed this training program to offer the information and strategies you need to be successful and competitive in the online marketing industry.

I've always wondered whether I was getting everything out of the CJ interface that I should be, so this news really got me excited! I could go through the seminars, and even if I gained a tiny bit of knowledge that had eluded me in the past, it would be a benefit to me, affiliates and Commmission Junction as well!

So... I clicked on the link to learn more and "unlock the power" (CJ's words). The next page made claims like "
help you make the most of your affiliate marketing program and your diverse publisher base" and "these seminars offer the information and strategies to be successful and competitive in the online marketing industry", along with these bulleted highlights:
  • Understand the full capabilities of the CJ Account ManagerTM interface
  • Learn affiliate program management 'best practices'
  • Ensure that the time you dedicate to working with your program is spent wisely
  • Attract the right publishers for your program
  • Help your publishers better promote your products and/or services
  • Ramp your program faster and more efficiently
My first thought was to start looking for empty spots on my calendar! This was the coolest news I've heard from CJ in years, and has had an affiliate program for SEVERAL years!

Once I clicked on the links to the individual seminars entitled Administration and Compensation, Publisher Management and Communications, Managing Links, Reporting and Tracking and Payments, my heart sunk.

Commission Junction is charging $150.00 for each seminar! Sign up for all five seminars, and it'll cost you $750 smackaroos!

It amazes me that CJ would charge to help make me a better affiliate manager. If I learn something that helps me to manage the Affiliate Program better, it directly affects CJ to the tune of 30% of each new payment makes to affiliates.

It looks like I'm gonna have to pass up this wonderful opportunity CJ is offering. I'm really not sure who is going to pay $750.00, but would be interested in hearing from anyone who has invested in any of the seminars.

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