Thursday, May 31, 2007

In a Marketing Industry Not So Far Away...

You may recall that in April, I wrote about The Ugly Side of Affiliate Marketing. That post was about an affiliate (not a affiliate, of course!) who was using his affiliate marketing know-how to take advantage of the tragedy that took place on the campus of Virginia Tech University on April 16th. He and his affiliate "force" had been pulled over to the Dark Side.

Well... I like to believe that for every Darth Vader there is in affiliate marketing, there's a Luke Skywalker.

Cue the scrolling story line and enter Scott Hazard.

Did I say Luke Skywalker? I'll admit... Scott is closer to Chewbacca than he is to Luke, but the above line wouldn't have made as much sense.

Scott "Uncle Scooter" Hazard isn't flying an X-Wing Fighter and battling Storm Troopers. He's selling "Scooter Squeezes" and taking on premature births with the March of Dimes. You can make a donation and receive a hug (aka, Scooter Squeeze) and a T-shirt at Next time you bump into Scott you can cash in your certificate. BTW -- He'll be at the Affiliate Summit in Miami on July 8th.

Is a "Scooter Sqeeze" REALLY worth all this hubbub? Here's what Connie Berg from had to say about her hug:

“Soft and squishy and warm like a melted marshmallow, that is what a Scooter hug is. Like potato chips, no one can have just one! You haven’t been hugged if you haven’t had a Scooter hug!”

Knowing Scott, I'm sure there's no time limit on the squeezes, so even if you can't make it to the Affiliate Summit, grab a certificate and a T-Shirt and cash in whenever your path crosses Scott's. To make a donation, click here.

One last thing. The comparison to Star Wars was easy. Does anyone remember when Han Solo was removed from Jabba the Hutt's giant ravioli? He's blind and is tossed into some type of a cell, along with Chewbacca. Once Chewbacca's sees Han, he grabs him and squeezes him like only a Wookie could do!

That's my idea of a "Scooter Squeeze".

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

$4.99 Flat Rate Shipping at

I've done this promotion before, and it always seems to be extremely popular with Blair shoppers. They pay $4.99 shipping (standard shipping, that is!) regardless of how much their order total is. That can add up to a lot of savings for someone replacing their summer wardrobe! And... with a higher average order, affiliates make more money, too!

This promotion will run through June 30th. Creative and links are available at both Performics and CJ.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Memorial Day 20% OFF EVERYTHING Sale

Once again, is celebrating Memorial Day with a 20% OFF sale. And this sale is good on ALL products, including clearance items. The sale actually started at 12:01am last night, and runs through 11:59 pm on Monday night. (Times are eastern, since Blair is located in PA.)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Top 25 Site Searches

Here's a list of the "Top 25 Searches" at over the past 7 days.

1. capris
2. shoes
3. tunic
4. bedspreads
5. fleece jacket
6. tank tops
7. shorts
8. skirts
9. seersucker
10.split skirt
11. bra
12. sag harbor
13. petites
14. dresses
15. gauze
16. vest
17. camp shirt
18. jackets
19. capri sets
20. sweaters
21. sandals
22. curtains
23. blouses
24. cardigan
25. shells

Monday, May 21, 2007

Who Wants a Free Ticket to Affiliate Summit East '07?

The Affililate Summit East '07 will be taking place at the Hotel Intercontinental in Miami on July 8-10. I've got to say that over the past several years, Affiliate Summit has turned into one of the most informative, and most fun, conferences not only in the affiliate marketing industry, but across the board!

Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to the Summit in Miami. I'm usually pretty tied up with Little League baseball and walleye fishing in Canada, and my Harley Davidson can usually be found in a dice run or two during the summer months.

Just because I won't be there doesn't mean you have to stay home, too! I have a few exhibit hall passes to give away to Affiliates, courtesy of Shawn Collins and the Affiliate Summit. If you'd like to attend the Affiliate Summit, send me an email at, and I'll provide you with a code to register for FREE. The key is that these free passes must be redeemed by 6/15, so hurry and request one ASAP!

In case some of you missed my post about the Affiliate Summit West '07 that took place at Bally's in Las Vegas, here's a link to what I thought about the event.

Friday, May 18, 2007 Shop By Outfit has added a new feature to its women's apparel and men's apparel pages, titled "Shop by Outfit". This is a great feature for Affiliates to promote because it is sure to increase the average order size for anyone interested in the outfit shown. A shopper can easily get a whole new outfit -- complete with everything from shoes to accessories -- and be guaranteed of each piece coordinating perfectly! Check out the pages:

Women's Shop by Outfit

Men's Shop by Outfit

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

18 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Find on Ebay

I ran across this post by Alex Goad a Net Frontier Marketing. We all see this happening again and again on Google when reviewing our own Adsense ads, but I still found this pretty darned entertaining for a Tuesday morning.

Ebay may well be the world’s largest market place. Their variety is unparalleled.

Next time you’re looking for that hard to find item or trying to get your hands on that anniversary present that’s “just right”, don’t even waste your time elsewhere.

If you want it, Ebay has it.

For example, if you’re lonely, you might be interested in some company:


All shapes and sizes…

To read the rest of Alex's post, click here.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Blog Tag 2.0

It's baaaaaaaaack!

I'm sure many of you remember the first Blog Tag that was circling the blogsphere in late 2006. Heck... even I took part (Dang! I've been tagged by Kim!, 12/19/2006)! According to the “blog tag rules”, I was supposed to tell you five things about myself that most people didn’t know and then tag 5 new people to be "It".

The new version of Blog Tag appears to have grown up a bit. In this version, if you get tagged you're supposed to list things you do on a daily basis to become or remain successful at what you do. Then you, once again, tag 5 new people to be "It".

To be honest, it's a bit more beneficial for me to know what Shawn Collins and Linda Buquet do on a daily basis to remain successful, than to know that Schmuly lost a spelling bee in elementary School by misspelling "misspell"!

While Blog Tag 1.0 was fun in a goofy sort of way, I think Blog Tag 2.0 will be more beneficial.