Thursday, April 05, 2007

Top 20 Retail Products Over the Past 30 Days

Spring is just about here (though we got about 2-3 inches of snow last night here in Warren, PA, the home of Blair Corporation), so let's take a look at what shoppers are buying. As always, these are the top 20 retail products over the past 30 days. No clearance items are included.

32747 Solid Knit Fleece Jacket
41034 Poplin Jacket
45227 Knit Gauze Pants
45163 Embroidered Capri Set
49292 Seersucker Capris & Shorts
44551 Camp Shirt
49290 No-Iron Poplin Pants
12406 Scandia Woods® Full Elastic Sport Pants
49102 Knit Tank
31789 Silhouette Slimmer® Pants
19920 Original BendOver® Pants
16305 Knit Ponte Pants with Pockets
40990 Knit Pants
44543 Tie Tunic
35719 Stretch Knit Tee
04229 Polo Top
36373 Print Tank
30232 Gentlemen’s Stretch Jeans
19904 Seasonless Knit Shell
45124 Stretch Sweetheart Tee

As always, a few observations. Though many of the products are repeat Blair products from my previous post, the Poplin Jacket is new to the list. And... it debuts at #2! That's pretty amazing! There are lots of tees and short sleeved tops on this list, and the single men's product is the Gentlemen's Stretch Jeans.

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