Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I found a great product to promote at Blair.com!

Once the temperature begins to dip just a bit here in the Northeast, we start to sell A LOT of these Nature Print Sweatshirts here at Blair.com. We've been selling them in different colors and designs for years! Why are they so popular? Well... they're comfortable, for starters. These beefy cotton/polyesters sweatshirts are soft and warm, and feature a roomy fit. They're a great pullover for layering, or on their own.

Available in 8 different color/style combinations, shoppers will easily find one to suit them, as well as others on their holiday shopping lists. Offered are: Wolf on forest, Bass on oxford, Stallions on black, Eagle on ash, Lab on wine, Whitetail Deer on khaki, Flying Eagle on navy and Mallard Duck on teal.

Now, here's the best part! These Nature Print Sweatshirts have been selling at Blair.com for $19.99 in the past. But right now, they're sale priced at only $9.99! And... at the time of this post, we have plenty in every size and color.

Don't wait to offer these Sweatshirts to visitors of your website. Add a link to these Nature Print Sweatshirts at Blair.com today!