Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Top Products at Blair.com

Here are the Top 20 Retail Products at Blair.com over the past 30 days. Clearance Products are not included in the list.

32747 Solid Knit Fleece Jacket
31789 Silhouette Slimmer® Pants
39352 Satin Shell
12406 Scandia Woods® Full Elastic Sport Pants
16305 Knit Ponte Pants with Pockets
35790 Floral Print Nightgown
45247 Tapestry Jacket & Embroidered Tee
19920 Original BendOver® Pants
37478 Stretch Denim-eze™ Jeans
44627 Tankini Separates
40990 Knit Pants
37490 Knit Twinset & Denim Skirt
19905 Stitched Crease Ponte Pants
41016 Scandia Woods® Mock Fly Jeans
45254 Silhouette Slimmers® Perfect Fit No-Waist Jeans
41141 Poplin Pants
44551 Camp Shirt
47320 Mock Turtleneck
30232 Gentlemen’s Stretch Jeans
19902 Knit Tank

Wow! The majority of these products are new to the list, compared to the list I posted last month. It appears as though Blair.com shoppers are trading in their shorts and getting their wardrobes ready for cooler weather with new pants from our early fall collections. There is also a nice mix between men's and women's products. I would be surprised if the Mock Turtleneck that is currently #18 doesn't begin to move up the list next month.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Stumbling Through the Internets One Page at a Time

Jim Kukral, the Publisher at Revenews, recently posted an interesting entry that I thought you might enjoy. Jim writes:

It takes a lot to impress me online anymore. Having been clicking around at full speed since '96-ish, I have seen a lot of stuff. I have a bookmark file that is 7 years older than my own child, holding about 5k+ links to sites that probably don't even work anymore.

To read Jim's entire post, click here. (BTW -- I really like StumbleUpon.com, too!)