Friday, April 07, 2006

Another Successful EcomXpo

For the 3rd (or is it 4th... I'm not sure) time, had a booth at EcomXpo. And, once again, I considered the booth a complete success! I chatted with dozens of people, collected over 100 Vcards (that's a "virtual" business cards), and even gave away some Gift Cards. Unfortunately, I was so busy manning the booth, I didn't get to take in any of the presentations.

Richard Lewis (No! Not THAT Richard Lewis) blogged about his experiences at EcomXpo on Revenews, so I figured I'd let him tell you about it. He does a nice job, and was able to experience more of the show that I was. Oh! And he even mentioned in his blog, so I thought it would be nice to mention him here, too. You can read Richard's blog here.

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