Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Top 20 Products for August '05

Here are the Top 20 products for August. This list does not include clearance items, and is based on units sold.

16305 Knit Ponte Pants with Pockets
32747 Solid Knit Fleece Jacket
31789 Silhouette Slimmer® Pants
42294 Corduroy Shirt-Jac & Tee Set
12406 Scandia Woods® Full Elastic Sport Pants
44593 Print & Solid Shells
39352 Satin Shell
19920 Original BendOver® Pants
34766 Misty Harbor® Rain Slicker
39283 Print Challis Skirt
03201 Fly Front BendOver® Pants
19904 Seasonless Knit Shell
44530 Embroidered Crest Solid Tops
03554 "Chelsea" Insulated Window Treatments
39469 Shantung Blazer & Satin Shell Set with FREE Necklace
42273 Knit Ponte Skirt
12949 Stirrup Pants
37478 Stretch Denim-eze™ Jeans
34307 John Blair® Banded Bottom Shirt
10897 Windowpane Shirt & Embroidered Tank

A few observations...

There are several newcomers on this month's list... women's apparel products continue to dominate the top 20... swimsuits have been replaced by blazers and jackets... and nearly half of the products in the top 20 are pants -- jeans, stirrups and brand name products such as Silhouette Slimmer and BendOver.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Performics Client Summit '05

I'm back. (I figured I'd mention that, just in case there was anyone out there who realized I was gone!) I attended the Performics Client Summit on Monday and Tuesday. I learned a little, met a multitude of wonderful people, struck a few deals (and made many more tentative ones), and had an all around good time.

On Monday, I skipped the afternoon pre-conference sessions to schedule a couple of off-site meetings instead. When I arrived at the offices on LaSalle St., I was immediately greeted with a hug by one of my favorite Performics-ians and got a tour of the expanded offices by the Blair team. Following a few beers and lively conversation, we all piled onto the trolleys for much more of the same. Though the Cubs lost to the Braves 4-2 (I think), the experience of watching the game from the rooftop across the street from Wrigley Field was loads of fun, and a perfect way to incorporate 2 of my favorite pastimes... baseball and affiliate marketing. (Side note: I actually incorporated 3 or 4 of my favorite pastimes, but I've noticed from my logs that more and more Blair folks are tuning in, so I'll only mention two, here. )

Tuesday started off with a bit of dry humor by Stuart Frankel, Performics General Manager, that was followed by the keynote presentation, delivered by Seth Godin. Seth's presentation was lively, engaging and entertaining. I received a signed copy of his book, All Marketers Are Liars, and though I haven't read it yet, I expect it to be entertaining, based on his presentation.

There were a couple panels, and a couple other presentations, but let's cut to the chase! Toward the end of the day were the roundtable discussions and networking. This is probably my favorite part of the Client Summit (OK. I'll admit it... the Cubs game is my favorite part, but after that...) I love getting the opportunity to talk with other AM's. Each roundtable gives you a topic as a starting point. Rarely does the discussion stay on topic, but that's what I love about the roundtables. They're kinda like organized chaos.

Once the Summit was over, I headed down to Grant Park to meet up with some old friends (and make some new ones) and watch the Star Wars geeks. You really have to be... umm... into Star Wars to be dressed as a Storm Trooper, and marching in formation with your friends, in Chicago in August.

Next stop... CJU in September.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Important Change To Blair Affiliate Marketing Program: No Brand Bidding Policy Instated

On Friday, August 19th, I sent an email to all affiliates alerting them to a change in the Terms and Conditions of the affiliate programs at both Performics and CJ. The additional Terms and Conditions below outline the new brand bidding policy.
  • Affiliate agrees not to bid on the Blair name (or any common misspelling or confusingly similar name) on any pay-for-placement search engine, including, but not limited to, Yahoo Search Marketing, Google, FindWhat, Sprinks, AltaVista, ePilot, Kanoodle, MyGeek, Search123, Commonname, IGetNet, and Enhance.
  • Affiliate agrees not to use the Blair brand name in the display URL on Google.
  • Affiliates may not use Blair's name, or any variation thereof, directly or indirectly in (a) metatags, (b) in hidden text, page titles or source codes, and/or (c) in Affiliate's domain or sub-domain.
  • Affiliates may not purchase and/or use any URLs that contain any trademarks or tradenames of Blair, including without limitation the name Blair, or any common misspellings or mistypings of any of the foregoing.
  • Violation of the foregoing prohibitions may result in, among other things, immediate termination of this Agreement.

If you are currently using any of the Blair trademarks in any search engine positioning (including but not limited to Yahoo and Google), please remove your bids effective September 1, 2005.

Again, I would like to thank you for your participation in our Affiliate Program. I feel that through clear communication and a healthy relationship with Affiliates, we will all enjoy continued success. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to this program change, please feel free to contact me.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Free Shipping on $40 Orders at

For our mid-month promo, is offering affiliates the ability to promote Free Shipping on orders of $40 or more. The promotion runs through September 15th, and banners and text links should be available at both Performics and CJ later today.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

MarketingSherpa wants to know your thoughts & opinions

MarketingSherpa is conducting a survey, and they're looking for feedback from both affiliates and affiliate managers. I've taken care of the feedback from the affiliate manager side, and I'm hoping several affiliates will help out from the affiliate side.

The survey covers topics such as search engines, data feeds, fraud and more.

Click here to complete the survey. No personal information is required.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Have you heard about

It just occurred to me that many affiliates might not have heard of is another apparel site featuring men's and women's "careerwear". has an affiliate program with CJ, and here's the best part -- I manage that program, too! The program offers commissions starting at 9.5%, a 30 day cookie, and a variety of creatives and promotional offers.

If you'd like to be a part of the affiliate program, visit CJ and apply today!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

August Affiliate Promo: $5 OFF $25 Orders

For the month of August, is offering a "$5 OFF $25 Orders" promotion to all affiiates via Performics and CJ. Several banner sizes and a text link will be available at both Performics and CJ. The promotion code is embedded in the landing page URL, so there's no need for shoppers to enter anything at checkout. The promotion will trigger automatically.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Top 20 Products for July '05

Here are the top 20 products at for June '05. Clearance items are not included in the list.

32674 Checked Capri Set
16305 Knit Ponte Pants with Pockets
35719 Stretch Knit Tee
39352 Satin Shell
19904 Seasonless Knit Shell
10897 Windowpane Shirt & Embroidered Tank
19920 Original BendOver® Pants
12406 Scandia Woods® Full Elastic Sport Pants
35790 Floral Print Nightgown
15706 Tankini Top, Shorts & Skirt (Tankini Top)
10048 Tropicool® Poplin Pedal Pushers
39283 Print Challis Skirt
32747 Solid Knit Fleece Jacket
34307 John Blair® Banded Bottom Shirt
39371 Embroidered Crest Top
32641 Knit Gauze Pants
30202 Wrinkle-Free Oxford Shirt
10049 Tropicool® Poplin Pants
37478 Stretch Denim-eze™ Jeans
03201 Fly Front BendOver® Pants

A few observations...

There are 4 new products in the Top 20 this month, and the Satin Shell (39352) entered at #4. The other new products are the Print Challis Skirt, Embroidered Crest Top and Fly Front BendOver Pants.

Two of the 3 swimsuits have dropped out of the Top 20 (a sign that summer is coming to an end).

The Corduroy Shirt-Jac & Tee Set just missed the Top 20, but has a nice price point at $29.99 and a wide selection of 10 colors.