Tuesday, June 07, 2005

White List My Emails!

It always amazes me...

I send out an email to affiliates to alert them regarding a new Blair.com promotion or tool, and as many as 10% of those emails bounce. Or, I get auto responses saying something along the lines of "All email sent to this account is flushed, and unread, due to the large amount of spam."

It just doesn't make sense to me! I try to make it easy for affiliates to contact me, by supplying my name, email address, business phone number and AIM. But... some affiliates don't give me any way to contact THEM.

To make our partnership work, affiliates need to make certain that they can receive my emails. First, make certain that the email address in your account with Performics or CJ is current. (Make sure your box isn't full, too!) Second, you need to make sure your spam filter isn't blocking my emails, and if it is, you need to "white list" my emails so you can keep current on Blair.com promotions and news. Shawn Collins covers this topic under his "Affiliate Tips".

So... take a couple minutes to make certain that you're receiving my emails. I promise not to overuse this privilege, and guarantee that it will help to further our partnership.


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