Monday, June 06, 2005

New Product Showcase Creator

I'm currently in the final stages of testing a new tool that will soon be available to affiliates in our Performics program. I think it's a GREAT tool, and I'm sure affiliates will think so, too!

So... what exactly IS a "Product Showcase Creator"? A "PSC" gives affiliates without a vast knowledge of programming the ability to place product links are their site(s) quickly, and easily.

All an affiliate will need to do is go to the page, enter their Performics ID, and choose a categorie or keywords. Once you click on the "Create Showcase" button, it generates the code an affiliate places on their site, and gives you an example of what the page will look like. You're also given the option to show large or small images (or no images at all), product descriptions, and price. It even allows you to decide how many columns to use, how many products to show per page, font size and border color.

I'm no techie, and I'm finding the PSC easy, and fun to use.

The Product Showcase Creator should be available to Performics affiliates in the next couple of weeks, so start planning how you'll put this new tool to good use.

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