Monday, June 27, 2005

Introducing the Dynamic Product Showcase Creator thru Performics

Here it is! I told you earlier this month that I was testing the PSC from Performics and that the version would be available in the near future. Well... the future is now. Here's what Performics had to say about the PSC...

Performics recognizes that keeping offers fresh is a constant challenge for web publishers. We want you to have the tools and data you need to earn more with Performics!

The Dynamic Product Showcase Creator, hosted by AffSolutions, provides an easy-to-use, web-based tool that creates affiliate link encoded product showcases with just one click. You can use the Dynamic Product Showcase Creator through Performics to select items directly from an advertiser's feed for dynamic rotation on your site. You can select categories and keywords to generate a showcase for the advertisers in your program. You can customize the colors, sizes and selection of your showcase through the web-based tool. Since the feed is updated every 24 hours, showcases on your site will always have current offers, products and information.

To be able to use the PSC, you must have a partnership with via Performics. So... go ahead... give the PSC a try. You can find it at

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